Welcome to our New PotD Sponsor: BestGrips.com!

ThePutterPlace.com is proud to welcome a new sponsor for our monthly Putter of the Day contest:


Nothing sets a putter apart from the masses like a sweet custom leather grip.  I can tell you from first hand experience that BestGrips.com manufactures some of the nicest leather putter grips that I have ever used.  They produce grips with amazing colors and textures.  You can find a conservative grip in basic black, or a wild grip in an exotic skin or a bold color.  BestGrips also manufactures some of the most unique putter headcovers that I have ever seen.

I invite your to head over to BestGrips.com and check out what they have to offer.  In addition to the great product, the people at BestGrips run a great shop and couldn’t be more helpful.  Check them out.  After you do that, be sure to send in your Putter of the Day entry ASAP. One lucky entrant in May will win his or her choice of one of the three grips shown on the main page slider.

To wet your fine leather appetite I have included some photos of BestGrip.com products that I have won from their weekly PGA contest that they run from their Facebook page.  The first item is a sweet tiffany blue grip that will soon be keeping my Byron Morgan “Filthy” 611 warm at night.

Next I have a scorecard holder that I won a few weeks back.  Even this California kid can appreciate the layers of the different materials that went into this Texas beauty.

Finally, I have a one of a kind grip from the BestGrips.com Deco line.  I actually won this grip last fall and it has yet to find a home on one of my putters.  So far, none has proven “sponge worthy” (a nod to the Seinfeld fans).

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One final incentive to check out BestGrips.com.  Use the code “theputterplace” in the BestGrips.com webstore to receive a 15% discount on your order!

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