What do you know about RADIUS Putters?  I must admit that I didn’t know much about them when Graham Webb from RADIUS contacted me last month.  Up until that point, I think that my only experience with RADIUS was in the form of some 2012 PGA Show photos posted over at  I spent the next good while looking over the RADIUS site and their putters and I was definitely impressed with the line-up of styles.  In addition to RADIUS’ take on the classic head styles, their arsenal of putters includes some unique shapes as well.  Take a look at the Classic 5 and Classic 9.  Their entire Tour Concepts line takes a very fresh approach toward fitting the putter to the putting stroke.  I have definitely  not run across those designs in the local golf shop.

When choosing a model to review, I spent a long time looking at the Classic 5 because of its interesting shape.  But ultimately the Classic 2 was chosen to make the trek to The Putter Place.  You see, I am a sucker for a longneck blade.  This trend toward the longneck love is apparent on this site.  We have the Cameron Tel3 Longneck Newport, the Carnahan St. Johns, and my Byron Morgan Twisted Longneck 006.  I love the look of the longneck blade and I like how I putt with them.  Thus the RADIUS Classic 2 was the natural choice.


The RADIUS Classic 2 is a great looking putter.  The black finish has a bit of luster to it, but not so much that it has any glare during play.  The face milling is unique in pattern, cut into the face with amazing precision.  The quality of the putter starts with the steel.  The RADIUS Classic 2 begins its life as a forged blank of S20C steel that is then shaped via CNC milling.  The white paint is a great contrast to the black finish as are the concentric circles of the RADIUS logo.  My only true appearance wish would be that their putters had a no sight line option.

The RADIUS headcover looked a bit odd to me initially.  I am so accustomed to the standard shape of AM&E headcovers that any deviation is met with a bit of skepticism.  The finish on the headcover is very shiny, even more so than my eleven-hole Doc Martin’s (ah the 80’s).  For a putter with such amazing precision, the headcover seemed a bit of a letdown.  That’s until I started using it.  The magnetic closure is perfect.  The lining and padding definitely protects the head.  And to be honest, the bold, shiny appearance grew on me a bit.  In terms of marketing, the headcover specs are brilliant as many different people asked me about the putter in my bag after seeing the headcover.



The performance of a putter on the course is more about the fit of the putter to the player than the composition of the putter itself.  That is precisely why I selected the Classic 2 to be the test putter.  As I cycle through putters, the longneck blade always makes it back into the bag at some point, usually followed by me wondering why it left in the first place.

On the putting green, I felt immediate comfort with the Classic 2.  When I walked up to the ball and put the Classic 2 in position it was “well hello my new/old friend”.  My selection of a longneck blade over the standard length neck relates directly to my putting stroke being a straight to slight arc type of stroke.  Swinging the Classic 2 required no adjustment of stroke for me.  Alignment too was very comfortable, although I am still not a fan of  sight lines.  I tend to square the face to the target rather than the line.  That being said, although the white line sits boldly on the black finish, I didn’t find it distracting.  I think that I mentioned in the BB35 review that I may be developing an eye for the site line.  Curious to see how this plays out.

Anyway, back to the Classic 2.  The feel on this putter is amazing.  The unique face milling definitely puts a nice roll on the ball while providing a soft feeling at impact.  I always use TM Pentas to test out putters and the Classic 2 + Penta combination was buttery smooth.  Distance control was also excellent with this putter.  Perhaps this can be attributed to my familiarity with the style, but more likely it is the result of the balanced 350g weight and precision construction of the Classic 2.  I can’t recall a single putt where the ball “exploded” off of the face, rocketing well past the hole.  This is not the case with all putters I play with.  One of my playing partners actually makes explosion sounds when it happens.  Nice huh.  Again, this could be correlated with my comfort with the longneck design, but I think that there may be something special hidden in the Classic.  If you are looking for a new flatstick, you really should add RADIUS to the discussion.

So do you want to try one of these out?  You should.  If you are in the UK, Europe, or Asia you can find some RADIUS dealers HERE.  Those of us in the US may have too be a bit patient as RADIUS expands into the market.  Check with The Golf Station in TX.  That may be the best bet for now.  I will definitely post more info when it becomes available.