TPP REVIEW: Odyssey Metal X #6 (Gon’ Give It To Ya!)

Metal X Gon’ Give It To Ya

That is what jumped into my head the first time I heard the name of the new Odyssey line of putters.  I admit that I may be the only one out there who can draw the connection between a putter and DMX.  What a great ad campaign song.  Except maybe for the non-TV friendly lyrics.  The chorus is useable though.  Imagine a bunch of tour pros putting in slow motion, putter striking the ball, ball rolls across green, and then drops in the cup.  Film each shot for each pro in sequence, while the music plays in the background.  Last series, you see the pro making a “tough face” and then the ball falls into the cup.  Close your eyes and you can almost see it.

First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL

Then we let it POP, DON’T LET IT GO

X gon give it to ya

He gon give it to ya

X gon give it to ya

He gon give it to ya

It’s catchy and it connects the Odyssey/Callaway brand to a younger demographic (although the song is a bit old now).  Cut that check to DMX for the use of the song, and cut one to me while you are at it for the great idea.  I’ll get to work on the story boards…

Are You Done with the Daydream?

OK so maybe I did get a bit wrapped up in my marketing idea (song is stuck in your head though isn’t it?).  I was actually very excited to see the announcement for this new line of putters.  Odyssey always releases creative head shapes in their new lines each year, but more often than not, I find that I can’t putt well with the insert.  I tend to miss putts short if the insert is too soft.  But I love the look and feel of many of the Odyssey offerings.  I still bag my Sabertooth tour bronze if I know the greens are going to be fast.  If they get shaggy and slow though, I am guaranteed to leave putts short with that putter.  With the Metal X line, we get an insert that is firmer, and textured such that it will deliver a crisper roll off of the face.  Odyssey design with a “faster” face?  I am definitely interested. Which brings us to today’s review of the Odyssey Metal X #6.


The entire Metal X line features a Midnight Black Finish.  This is a sharp black finish.  The finish is very rich, with a bit of gloss.  However, it is still very non-reflective or glare generating in the sun.  I have mixed some direct sun and some indirect sun photos so you can see the difference.  While I have not run this putter through an entire season of play (obviously), I have every reason to think that the finish will stand up to play and still look good.  I think that we as putter consumers may be past the time of rapidly fading black finishes thanks to new polymer and PVD techniques.  I am not sure of the chemistry behind the Midnight Black Finish, but it sure seems durable.  The Metal X line also features the very nice Lamkin grip, like those found on the more expensive ProType and FlipFace putters.

As I mentioned before, I love that Odyssey brings new shapes to market each year.  While I was not a fan of the crazy F7 shape, I appreciated that they took a chance and brought it to market.  I love my Sabertooth, and I may be the only one who really liked the Hawk as well.  Remember the Hawk?  Compact mallet with a single, wide sight line and spiky corners that gave it melee weapon capabilities?  Maybe I just like the weaponizable putters…

The Metal X #6 shape is a cool permutation on the typical heel and toe-weighted blade.  The flange is wider than normal.  Think along the lines of the Odyssey Black Tour Designs #1 wide from 2011.  Instead of the double bend neck found in the #1 wide, the Metal X #6 has a short slant-neck hosel (flow/Rincon/ Santé Fe/ & etc.), delivering significant toe hang and opening and closing during the putting stroke.  The Metal X #6 shares some features with its Odyssey cousins, but the overall design represents something new.  Don’t forget that it also has the new insert.

On The Course

Did the Metal X insert perform as expected?  Did it allow me to stop leaving putts short?  Yep.  In fact, I really had to adjust my perception of distance when I switched to the #6.  The face is very “hot” but still controllable and repeatable.  Did I still leave some putts short?  Of course!  Who doesn’t?  However, there really was a shift toward missing long rather than short with this beauty.  I also like the impact sound generated by the Metal X insert.  It’s not quite the full “click” found in a stainless face, but it is significantly louder than the previous Odyssey inserts.  This is not a negative “loud”.  The relative lack of auditory feedback that comes with an insert putter is one of the issues that I have with any insert putter.  Metal X’s sound is very welcome to my ears.

The neck and weighting of this putter will likely be found most agreeable to players with an arc-type putting stroke.  As you may have gleaned from previous TPP reviews, I am a straight/slight arc putter guy.  Does this mean that I missed everything with the Metal X #6?  No I did not miss everything, but it did feel like I had to adjust my regular stroke a bit to increase accuracy.  Adding a touch of forward press and being more conscious of the arc-type path seemed to do the trick.  If that sounds like your natural putting style, and you haven’t rolled the Metal X #6, you may want to check one out.


So while I am definitely a fan of the new Metal X insert, there are a couple of things about the line that I would like to see in the next run.

  1. Introduce a line-less option.  Putter makers have gone sight line crazy.  Every putter has a line.  At best, I think that this has a negative impact on the overall look of the putter.  This #6 is stealth fighter slippery, except for the big white line.  I am getting tired of covering up lines with a sharpie.  I know that Odyssey is entering the customization market.  Offering customizable alignment aids (or lack of) would be amazing. Many golfers like aiming with the line, but I think that there a fair number of us naked putters out there as well.
  2. Make the #6 head in a double-bend, face-balanced configuration.  Even the #1 wide was not face-balanced.  This head just screams straight stroke.  It just needs the right neck.  One of these days I am going to send my #1 wide to LaMont to see if he can get it face-balanced for me…

That’s not too unreasonable.  Maybe I should add “4.  World Peace” to the list.  I think Steve Martin said you should always include one outrageous demand…

Guess what?  Odyssey is actually looking for your input about the next Metal X models.  Tell them what you want to see next and win a putter!  If you go to the Odyssey Facebook page (HERE) you can enter their contest.  I went with 2, 4, then 5.  I didn’t see a spot to place my NO LINE vote though…

Find out more about the Odyssey Metal X line HERE


Metal X Gon’ Give It To Ya