Chris’ TaylorMade Rossa Daytona Ghost Tour-Japanese Market

Chris, one of the golf pro’s at a local shop, passed this putter along to me to shoot some pictures of an post on the site.  Chris didn’t really know much about the putter,  He picked it up a while back from someone who said that the putter had spent some time on the TaylorMade tour van.  Most of us have seen this hole in the Ghost design before with the Ghost Corza, especially with Justin Rose taking that putter to victory a couple of times (Ghost Tour Review coming soon).  While I have seen the Rossa Gost Daytona before, this model with a hole was new to me.

After a little bit of research, I found out that this putter was part of the Ghost Rossa line that was released in Japan in 2010.  The line included the Corza, and also a Fontana model with a similar hole.  Very cool variations on the putters that were released in other countries.  I have no way of knowing if the putter did spend some time on any of the tours, but I do know that this is one that you are not likely to run across on the rack at your local golf shop.

So a bit of the mystery of this Ghost has been solved.  Part of the answer is that the Japanese market gets cool putters that are not released in the US, or maybe anywhere else.  Some of these would definitely find their way into my putter garage.  I am talking to you TaylorMade Ghost Stingray.  🙂

Thanks Chris.  I may bring this one back to you at some point…


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  1. This model was also released in the European Market. I used one for a season (still have it in fact). It has a single bend shaft with 15 degrees of toe hang and weighs around 345g and 3/4 shaft offset. Has the older agsi insert which i prefer to the pureroll insert. Very easy to align.