T.P. Mills 1310 Tradition Prototype

What can you say about TP Mills?  A legendary figure in the history of putter makers.  Innovation in the putter field is what TP Mills and later David Mills are all about.  TaylorMade may be able to lay some claim to making white clubs and putters popular last year, but you can thank TP Mills for the black putter.  This is a putter house with some serious history, perhaps matched in pedigree only by PING.  I know that many of us have a few Spalding putters that bear the TP Mills name.

David Mills’ putter work definitely does the TP Mills name proud.  I think that you will agree that the 1310 Tradition Workshop putter that we have here today is a testament to David’s skill.

The stamping on the putter is definitely recognizable as “Mills”.

As is the characteristic site oval on the top line.

But David does not just rely on the lines and techniques of the past.  Take a look at the face milling.  Maybe you have seen something like this before, but that pattern is new to me.

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