Sunset Beach’s Ocean Isle

Today at The Putter Place, Chris Jordan from Sunset Beach Custom Putters brings us an Ocean Isle to ogle.

This head is a collaboration between the two men behind Sunset Beach Custom Putters as all of our heads have been since 2010.  All of our standard line of heads are made from 1018 carbon steel, we can make putters out of Carbon, Stainless, Brass, Copper, Stainless or even damascus steel.  This head is very similar to many heads on the marketplace today, however we put our own little spin on it.  Unlike many other models that are on the market the Ocean Isle does not rock closed when soling it on the ground.

The original Ocean Isle models were one piece milled with a standard plumber’s neck hosel, because we are a FULL custom shop the majority of our customers are not just looking for something like they can buy off the rack at their local golf shop.  As such we spent a lot of time cutting and re balancing heads after removing the standard hosel.  So for our new design we designed the heads without the hosel.

This particular head was designed for a customer out in California looking for a particular head weight with a particular toe hang.  All of our heads are completely customizable, and this head was requested with minimal stamping with a sightdot done in an antique gun blue finish.  Antique gun blue will require maintenance with oiling and keeping it dry, but is one of the more beautiful finishes on the market today.

Thanks Chris!  You can find out more about this model and the other Sunset Beach Putters at