Ryan’s Custom Scotty Cameron Red X

After Ryan sent in these photos I got to wonderin’ about why we have not had more Camerons as the Putter of the Day.  There have to be lots of them out there.  I bet some of you have some great stories about trips to the Custom Shop or even tour usage.  Some of you may even be members of Club Cameron or a poster at The Cameron Collector.  Maybe Ryan’s Red X will open the Scotty floodgates…

Here are some pics of a custom SC Red X.



It started as a regular off the rack stock Scotty Cameron Red X.  I sent it to George Palombi for a Rainbow Acid Finish.  Along with the new finish the paintfill on the sole was changed slightly and then a Dancing Scotty Cameron Winn Grip was installed.  It plays at 33″ and 350grams.  I just use the stock headcover.   While it is an older Scotty Cameron model, it is still has one of the purest feels of any mallet putter.  Not too much else to say about this putter, the pictures really tell the story.






  1. Ryan, the Acid Rainbow or SOTR (Somewhere over the Rainbow:)) finish is awesome. Is George Palombi easy to get a hold of and what does a custom job like that run? Just curious. Oh, and thanks for the tip on the Red X’s feel on the greens, it is always good to here if a putter is a player. The SOTR Red X is an eyecatcher.

    • I had this done a few years ago and he was doing small batches at a time, I’m not sure if he still does this finish or not. The SOTR Red X has been a solid putter on the greens. I think I need to regrip it soon, but it has great feel and I always have excellent distance control with it. While not my main gamer anymore, it still get play off and on.