Ryan’s Byron Morgan Mixed Metals 612

Those of you who have been following along with the Putter of the Day blog know that I am a huge fan of Byron Morgan’s fine putter craftsmanship.  That man does some things with metal that are just unreal.  What always impresses me about Byron’s work is that while he makes an excellent putter to use on the course, Byron’s aesthetic touch can be found in every one of his putters.  If you want to see the range of what he can do, just hear over to his section on Puttertalk.com and look at what his Da Kine looks like when he begins on the head and then the amazing shapes and variation of the final products.

Today’s putter comes from the man that we can thank for the graphics that adorn Byron’s headcovers and other soft goods.  Ryan and Byron really seem like they are on the same wavelength, or maybe just riding the same wave.

Byron Design 612 mixed metals

  • Neck is German Steel
  • Head is Carbon Steel
  • 35″
  • Blue oil finish on both neck and head
  • The various pics show how the color changes depending on cloud coverage.