Reader Submission: Tour Pro’s Scotty Cameron

Today we have a very interesting putter that was sent in by a reader.  According to the reader, they recently snapped these photos first hand after taking the putter from a former PGA tour player’s bag.  Are some photos a bit out of focus?  Sure.  When one is on a putter recon mission though, photo quality may have to be sacrificed.  I really don’t know much about this putter.  I am not even really sure what the name of this head style is, maybe a Coronado.  Love that there are two circle T’s on it.  The neck is very custom and the Titleist engraving on the neck is very cool as well.  Beauty.

I could tell you whose putter this is, but where is the fun in that.  We can make a game of it.  I’ll give you some hints, and then you can tweet to that player that you saw his putter at The Putter Place.  Here are some hints.  I’ll add more if nobody guesses correctly.

  • Used on the PGA Tour from the mid 90’s through the early 00’s
  • One of the oldest players to record a PGA win
  • Likes ducks
  • has a Twitter account 🙂

I’ll add more later.  Post your guesses below and remember to send in your putters so they can be featured on the Putter Place as well.

  1. Peter Jacobson