Show Us Your Putter! Putter-of-the-Day Submission Guidelines’s Putter-of-the-Day Gallery will starting January 1, 2012.  During the next month, and beyond, you will be able to submit photos of your putting beauties and then have them displayed on the ThePutterPlace site.


All you need to do is follow these few simple guidelines:



  • You are welcome to submit any putter that you find beauty in.  It does not have to be new, made by a certain manufacturer, of a certain head shape, and etc.
  • Any putter submitted must be either owned or previously crafted by the submitter.
  • Please submit multiple putters as separate emails.  This ensures that a putter will not be overlooked in the inbox.



  • Photos must be taken by the owner of the putter, and NOT taken from another source unless authorized to do so (include authorization in email)
  • Submit photos of your putter showing it from various angles.  At minimum, you need to submit photos showing the top, bottom, face, and cavity.
  • If there are other interesting features of your putter that you would like to showcase, definitely include photos of those features as well.
  • Photos should be in .jpg format, ideally cropped to a 5×7 configuration (I can do this if you don’t know how 🙂 ).
  • Use natural lighting if possible.
  • Photos that are poorly lit, not focused, or poorly composed will not show the beauty of your putter and will likely not be posted to the site.



  • Along with the photos of your putter, you must submit a short text blurb that accompanies the putter.
  • The text can include the specs of the putter, interesting details about its construction, or a story that goes along with the putter.
  • Make your text something that you would find interesting to read and everything should be fine.
  • Try to limit your text to a max of 500 words.



  • Individuals are welcome to submit as many putters/photos as they wish providing the submissions follow the above guidelines.
  • Small putter makers are also welcome to submit multiple putters/photos, perhaps sending a putter to the owner down the road when they feel the exposure gained warrants such an action.
  • Large Manufacturers can also submit unlimited putters in photo format, but they are also encouraged to send in the putters directly to be photographed by the staff.  Such putters would likely be used for site giveaways contests in the future.


We look forward to seeing your submissions in the coming year.  Send them in to:

Winner for August wins this putter grip from! Staff