Putter of the Day: Patrick’s Cameron La Costa with a MannKrafted Makeover

Patrick sends us a cool and uncommon Scotty Cameron that was rescued from eBay and brought to a whole new level when LaMont refinished it.

How many of us have dreams of restoring a Cameron or other putter in our collections?



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  1. This one goes back a ways, for sure. It was the first time we had ever torch’d a copper plating and really had very little idea how it would turn out. My older brother was with me that day and he was a very big part of how that one turned out and even the color of the paint fill.
    The LaCosta is one of my favorite designs and to have a chance to bring one back that was not in near the shape that the “Before” pictures really show, was a great opportunity.
    Patrick has gone on to do amazing things with the exotic skins for grips, belts and such and I could not be prouder than to have some of my work shown with his incredible crafts.
    LaMont in AZ