Putter of the Day: A Filthy Byron 611




OK in the sake of full disclosure, this putter was not sent in by a reader, it is mine.  This Filthy ASS (American Stainless Steel, of course) putter is a Byron Morgan 611 with a custom long pipe neck.  It is stainless steel and with the neck has a toe hang around 3:30 or so.  The finish is Matte Blue Oil Torched, one of Byron’s best in my opinion.  This putter is my current gamer and funded, in part, by winning last season’s Club Byron Fantasy Golf Group.  I like to think of it as my trophy putter.

There are so many custom features that I love on this putter.  Byron rounded off the topline and took a bunch of metal off the bumpers to give it an overall rounded look at address.  However, my favorite thing has to be the hand milled face.  This was a pricy option, but once I saw it and rolled the first ball, I knew it was worth it.  The face just grabs the ball and gets it rolling.  The fact that he put the tuna stamp right in the tube of that hand milled wave is just awesome.

OK so I have shown you mine…  We still need to see yours.  Email the photos and the story to contact@theputterplace.com