Odyssey White Ice Tour Bronze Sabertooth RAWR!!!

OK so this is actually the second Odyssey Sabertooth that I have owned.  Not sure what it is about this putter but it keeps pulling me back.  This time I was cruising through Callaway Preowned and the Tour Bronze finish and 12% off deal they were running was too much to resist.  Keegan Bradley is probably the most famous Sabertooth user these days with his belly length version.  I seem to remember a certain tournament at Torry Pines where Rocco Mediate was one stroke from taking his Sabertooth to victory.

I could tell you that my attraction to the Sabertooth comes from the MOI, from the great look of the Tour Bronze finish in the sunlight, or the responsive White Ice insert, but that would only be part of the story.  The true joy of bagging this putter is based upon two facts:

  • If Batman played golf, this would be his putter.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the Batsignal photo below.
  • When you make a putt with the Sabertooth, your loud, primal celebration growl is accepted, and expected.

btw, how difficult is it to bend this thing 2° up?