Odyssey Black Series: Tour Designs #1 Wide

As this site is just in its infancy, there is a question that we need to address right away.  Is there beauty in the off the rack putter?

I think that the small companies and putter makers definitely add more personalization and the human touch to the putters that they make, but I think that it is definitely still possible to find attractive lines and pleasing aesthetics in a putter that you can find at the local golf shop.  Will it fit your stroke as well as a custom?  Maybe not.  Did you get to have a hand in the design process? Unlikely.  Is it still possible to pick up a putter from a major manufacturer and like the look of it?  Of course it is!

I bring you one such putter today Odyssey Golf’s Black Series:  Tour Designs #1 Wide.


Wide #1 Back

I am still a fan of Odyssey’s original Black Series.  I thought that they were interesting looking and that they had a nice feel on the green.  I was not as excited to see the follow-up Black i series, not because I didn’t like the way they looked, but because I am not that much of an insert fan.  I think that they got back on track with the Tour Designs series.  Milled faces, tungsten weighting, and a great black finish.  Look at the milling on the bumpers and flange.  That is not there for any reason other than Odyssey wanted make the putter look cool.

Wide #1 Milling

Wide #1 Face

While I was originally attracted to the #9, I ended up bagging the #1 Wide.  The wide flange and the double bend shaft really provide a great framing of the ball at address.

Wide #1 Top

This was a fun putter to play with.  One surprising fact about the putter though is that it has quite a bit of toe hang, even with the double bend shaft.  I would love to see this putter with a different bend in the shaft to bring it in closer to face-ballanced.  Regardless, she’s a beauty.

Wide #1 Bottom


Wide #1 Cavity

Tour Designs Headcover







  1. Good looking putter, have to admit. I have seen this one in the stores and it made me look twice.
    Solid looks, good weight and the overall shape of the head is a shape I have grown to love.
    Nice offering by Odyssey, IMHO.

  2. Just tried the #1 Wide out yesterday at my local shop. Very nice. I am surprised more widebody blades haven’t made appearances across the puttermakers. There have been some small runs, but nothing in mass production. Time will tell if this is a big seller and if there is wide-body love.

  3. One of my favorites out there right now is the Bettinardi Studio Stock 9. The widebody JAM looks so good.

  4. Stopped by my local retailer today to give this club a spin. Loved the way the ball rolled off the face and found the design suited my eye nicely. Just might make the jump but I’m curious how much this stick is selling for across the country

  5. I really like these putters. They feel extremely soft and had to pick up a couple after hitting a few with my buddy’s #2.