MannKrafted Monday: A Pair of Golden Beauties

How about a little golden goodness to brighten up your Monday?  That would be a MannKrafted Monday, of course…

This is one of the sweetest pairs of putters I have made, to date. Both are milled out of Rocky Mtn 303 SS and use Byron-designed plumbers necks. The narrower of the two weighs 350.1 grams, and the other is a little beefier at approximately 365 grams. They both sit as square as possible and will make someone a very happy golfer, when they take delivery.

The finish is a sweet, rich Golden Torch and the sole details were the first time I have done this on one of my handmades. The masked misting sets the stripes apart and gives the putters a little sportier look, IMHO.

The paint fill has been completed and is fairly tame holding to red/smoke silver on one and dark teal/smoke silver on the other. I have one satin black shaft that would fit either, or a simple chrome shaft is also available.

I am learning a little bit more with each putter I make and these two have a few tricks in them, from recent discoveries. As more putters come off of my mill, expect to see additional changes along the way.

Thanks for checking out my work, this Monday and thanks a ton to Dave for making MannKrafted Mondays a part of

LaMont in AZ

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  1. Wow LaMont! You knocked it out of the park with that pair. Those stripes are sweet looking. A satin black shaft would been a nice touch with that beautiful gold torched finish. I bet they are ten times cooler in person 🙂