MannKrafted Monday: Toda La Noche

I don’t know if I am more excited by this hand made mallet or the anticipation of what LaMont has happening in the near future.  Sounds like MannKrafted may be on the verge of the big time.  Can’t wait!  Until then, I’ll join you in enjoying today’s putter…

For this week’s putter, I went to my files and scrolled up exactly one year to see what was happening at this time in 2011. The putter that popped up was one of my very favorite creations, at the time. I took an idea, put a few spins on it and on the back end I shipped out a very sweet mallet, with milling that you probably have never seen on a full hand-milled putter.  It was stamped “Toda La Noche'” on the sole to remind the customer of his arrival at his honeymoon hotel in Mexico. The greeting came from the concierge who instantly saw the magic between the couple who was there to celebrate.

The head and hosel are both made from 1018 CR steel and all milling, stamping and welding were done right here in AZ, by hand. The headshape was requested to remind him of his Wilson TPA-XVIII and I think it should do just that.  He is a fan of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, so we went for colors that sort of followed that passion. The sole stamping was to represent a clock and the “All Night Long” meaning of his greeting that was mentioned.  Loved making this one and I have to add that the face alone, took about ten times the amount of time that your standard milling takes. It was a labor of love, ;-).

Thanks for checking out MannKrafted Mondays and HUGE Thanks for hanging in and allowing me to showcase my work. Look for some very cool things happening at MannKrafted in the coming weeks.

-LaMont in AZ