MannKrafted Monday: The OOOPPPS Rocky Mountain


LaMont has given us a bit of a mystery with today’s putter.  Who do you think he is referring to in the description below?

This week’s putter is one that came from an oversight on my part and the making of a carbon steel putter, when the order stated Rocky Mountain 303 SS. I got as far as shaping the entire head and welding the neck before realizing my OOOPPPS!  No worries, though. There is a certain long hitter on tour that uses a putter very similar, in a belly style. He is on the team of an OEM that has no putter maker, currently and uses a flatstick from another major OEM. The contact has been made and the wheels are turning to get this beauty an audition in this player’s hands. Needless to say, my fingers are crossed.

This one is made of 1018 CR Steel with a weld of 308 SS, for effect. I love the split colors and knew very early on that the finish would be one that would show the two metals off and I think it worked very well. The putter weight is very solid for a belly putter and if the time is right, who knows where this might lead. Going to shaft it up this week and roll the dice.

Have an amazing week and thanks to you all for checking in on

MannKrafted Monday and to Dave for allowing me to show my work.

LaMont in AZ


  1. A Champions Tour long hitter – Fred Couples?