MannKrafted Monday: The Bridgestone BullsEye

LaMont is going old school today and keeps the bullseye theme rolling!

When I started playing this crazy game, you had very few mass produced choices for putters. PING, Zebra, TP Mills Spaldings and BullsEye putters were the big offerings. I chose a BullsEye and gamed it for several years until I fell in love with a Wilson blade, but that is another story.  My love affair with BullsEye putters has never stopped and when a good friend of MannKrafted sent a note and asked if I could make him a Brahma for his collection, I didn’t even flinch. The Brahma model is loosely based on the BullsEye and I have made several over the past year. My dad plays the white one with red accents and there is a mini version in past MannKrafted Monday stories that you may have seen.

This week, I’ll show you the one I made for a VP over at Bridgestone that turned out pretty darned sweet. I started with a fairly narrow piece of 1018 CR steel and had the small flange in mind from the very first turn of the cutter. I whittled away and did a lot of hand shaping to get this one looking like I wanted it. The face has two Tungsten plugs on the ends to bring the weight to a comfortable level and the milling just adds some modern flair to a classic themed putter. For the finish, the customer wanted to go raw, but I wanted to give it just a little protection. I opted for a flat, clear polymer over the misted steel and then heat cured it to get at least the best coating I can give raw steel, without changing the look of the base metal. He LOVED it and I cannot tell you how much his opinion means to me. He is a fan and someday he and I will meet and have a beer to celebrate both of our loves for putters.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks for viewing MannKrafted Mondays and in the coming week, I think you’ll see some very cool new items from our small operation.

LaMont in AZ

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