MannKrafted Monday: The “044” Serpent

Happy Monday to my faithful Putter Place readers 🙂

Today LaMont brings us a new variation on his 044 head.  What do you think about that neck?  How about the face milling?  It almost looks like stingray skin to me.  I am sure that LaMont would love to hear your feedback.  Leave a comment below…

This week’s contribution is a carbon steel model, milled from the same hand-milled base as the “044”s that I have been milling for Chris Kamin as he works his way back to the PGA Tour.  I mill them to a mid-way point, and then build them from that shape, into the shape that the next customer requests, if possible.

This customer came to me looking for a putter that had the Anser-style shape, but wider footprint and a little more square on the corners than what most OEM’s were putting out.  I had this head already partially done, and when I sent him the pictures, he jumped at it.

The putter is topped with a “Serpent” hosel spun from 303 SS and welded to give it a little bit of toe hang, but not much.  The weight was set at 363 grams and a floating face just adds a personal touch to the new stick in being what the customer would see when he pictured that “Perfect Putter” in his mind’s eye.


The face milling was something that was a test and I am anxious to get some feedback on this aspect, as soon as the owner has a chance to put it through its paces.  The rib on the center of the face looks as if it is raised, but it is perfectly level with the rest of the milling.  I think that new milling patterns that work are some of the hardest things to design and put into practice.  Until it is in place and the putter can strike a ball, there is not a perfect way to determine what the effects will be. The shaft he chose was a UST Frequency Filtered model, topped with a Yellow IOMIC grip, to complete the look.

I was fired up to put this one in the mail and he was just as excited to open the box and show it off.

Check back next week and I should have another one-off that will give you something to ponder for the week.

Thanks again to for allowing me to share my works, here every week.

LaMont in AZ

MannKrafted Custom Milled Putters


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  1. That is one sweet putter.