MannKrafted Monday: Superstition Proto

Here is a cool little blade to start your week…

This putter came from all the way back in March of 2009, in my picture files. I had just started shaping my first design, the Superstition and was trying new necks and new widths for customer’s needs. This one got the milled out plumbers neck and a sweet polished torch finish. The stamping was kept to a minimum and I put a little bullet in the bottom to shave just a tad bit of weight.

I believe it is still in the hands of the original owner and even sees bag time. Finding this one in the archives was sort of a treat for me. I get so busy that I sometimes forget what I have done in the past and need to be reminded that things have really come a long way.

Thanks to you all and have an amazing week!

All the best from LaMont in Az.