MannKrafted Monday: SSB Masonboro Prototype

Today we have a nice piece of Tour Metal from LaMont and Sunset Beach Putters.

Many of you know, but some may not, that I have been the putter crafter for SSB, from its inception. We had our heads milled, most without necks, then they were sent my way for all of the custom shaping, detail milling, neck fabrication/welding and finish application. Chris Jordan is the majority owner and the man that you would speak to, if you were to consider purchasing one of our putters. He handles any fitting questions and pre-order details, then the metal starts to fly in Arizona.

Kevin Kisner used our SSB Masonboro Prototype to win the Nationwide Tour’s Myland Classic in October of 2010. The screen shot is a “close-up” of the first Masonboro we sent him as he rolled in a birdie on a par three on Sunday afternoon.

After that win, he decided that he would like to try out something similar, in a white finish. I did my best to give him something that would stand out, but also be a formidable putting machine in his bag. I don’t know if he rolled this one in tournament play, but I loved the way it turned out, myself.

Kevin has since changed putters a few times and continues to work as a PGA Touring Professional. We wish him all of the success possible and thank him for his use of the SSB Masonboro in his win on the Nationwide Tour.

LaMont in AZ