MannKrafted Monday: A TaylorMade Spider Named Eleanor

A few weeks ago we got to take a look at LaMont’s black Cameron Kombi.

Today we have a sweet TaylorMade Spider refinish.

If you are a fan of classic Mustangs or watch a lot of Nicolas Cage, you may have seen the movie “GONE IN 60 SECONDS”.   The classic 1967 Shelby GT-500KR was the inspiration for Nicolas in that movie, as well as the final look of this TaylorMade Spider that is heading for the UK.  It came to me as a basket case.  The owner had started on a refinish of this rascal and ran out of patience.  He sent it my way with a “Make it black” request.  As time got short and my attention span narrowed, the Spider got pushed back, over and over.  The bad part?  It is NEVER OK to make a customer wait this long for a putter.   The good part?  In the time it took me to get this one in the que, the owner came up with the more unique of “Do you know what an Eleanor is?”   I fired back a PM and simply stated, “Say no more.  I have it handled.”

What you see is one of my favorite transformations of a putter, to date. 

The frame is bead blasted stainless steel.  It is rugged looking, yet softened at the same time by the glass bead’s effect on the raw stainless.  The insert was left stock in material, but polished up to give it a “billet” look and a smoother texture to the head-on appearance.  When it came to the aluminum badges, the customer was really liking them just left raw, stripped of all paint fill.  It gave it an industrial feel and had no negative effects, IMHO. 

The body of the putter was where the real Eleanor came into play.  Going with a custom mix of silver/black polymers, I was able to give it the sinister look of the real Eleanor, and adding the mid-width black stripes set off the whole package.

The owner has the weights and they will remain stock, 100%.  That will give the TaylorMade feel to the putter and respect to the company who went out on a limb when they brought out this far from normal design.

It was a great experience and I am proud to be sending another MannKrafted project, back to the UK.