MannKrafted Monday: A Pair of Sliders

One of the things I love about the putters that LaMont makes is the fact that they sometimes follow “outside the box” designs.  These sliders are a great example of that.  Not only are they cool designs, but they also show how color is a big part of the MannKrafted sticks.

This week, I have some pictures of work that was done during my “Slider Phase”. I was not satisfied with only having one base head, at the time I was making these putters and was trying to design and develop a concept that would allow the player to slide the flange plate in and out, as well as have additional plates/bars to put in that location to vary weight and balance. These two were two that made it all the way to finish and have been gamed. The white and green one is played by a young college player who graduated from the local high school and went on to play at a local community college. The darker one is still here at the shop and may wind up as a bonus putter in an order that is shipping on Monday.

The plate on the flange is set with allen screws and moves fairly easily when needed. I also milled replacement bars from brass, stainless steel and copper that can be put in place of the flat aluminum that is pictured here. You can see weight ports in the face of the darker one and I believe that the white one also has a little bit of adjustment possible in a similar manner.

Check them out, make comments if you care to and enjoy your week.

Thanks to ThePutterPlace and for making this possible to show my work.

LaMont in AZ

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