MannKrafted Monday: A Fishy Handmade Blade


Happy MannKrafted Monday!  Here is a sweet little blade to get our June started…

Here are the goods for this week:

For this week, we have one of the very first handmade blades that I have done, in this style from Rocky Mountain 303 SS. The neck and blade were both made from this material and I love the way it turned out. I dressed up the hosel, just a bit with light knurling and some spin-lines at the tip.

The face milling was done in two passes with a fairly tight milling as a base and my new “String ‘O’ Trout” milling over the top. The current finish being split between misted and polished, may not be the final look before she is shipped to the customer, but I had to put something presentable on this rascal for pictures, today.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of her.

Have an amazing week and thanks for checking out my putters.

LaMont in AZ

MannKrafted Custom Milled Putters


  1. That is one beautiful putter. I love the general design of the putter head, but then all the acoutrements bring this putter into the realm of “work of art”. Definately looks like a putter you’d want to get out on the greens, despite its beauty, it has the look of a gamer. I can almost imagine the feel and feedback just looking at the pictures.

  2. That is a beautiful putter, Lamont! What are the specs – offset, weight and loft?