Lee’s Byron Morgan GSS 006

I do love the Byron Morgan 006 head shape.  I think that it comes out of the mill looking cool in its raw form.  Add some power and magic from Byron’s hands and you come up with a putter that  is amazing to look at and play.  This one is no exception.  So nice!

Byron Morgan German Stainless Steel 006:

From what I understand, this was the last 006 available in GS for the time being.  This putter was custom made for me in April of this year and includes some nice handwork done by Byron.  The top-line was rounded to flow better with the long round pipe neck, the “ears” in the cavity were milled off creating an oval shape and what Byron refers to as a “Tiger Pocket” and the face was deep milled by hand in the original “Tuna” pattern.  Additionally, two tour dots were added – one on the heel-side of the face and the other in the cavity.  The finish is brushed blue oil flamed.  Note:  I did not include a picture of the sole because it is blank.


  1. That is one sweet looking putter. It amazes me how the milling on the face looks like it was done in warm butter. The pipe neck hosel, hand welded neck, flamed finish and paint fill really trick this putter out. Just out of curiosity, what type of grip?

    • I originally put an orange seasnake gripmaster on this putter but could not get used to it. I have since given that grip away to be used on another Byron Morgan putter and now have a round rubber grip from Dave Edel on here.