John’s Red, White, & Blue Scotty

It seems like the Resto Callaway putter from yesterday has inspired others to send in their projects.  That’s fantastic 🙂  Check out John’s Scotty Newport and the cool story that goes with it.  This man loves his putter…

Who honestly wouldn’t want to game this putter on the 4th of July weekend?   This Scotty Cameron has a custom paint fill that I spent hours doing just to show my patriotism on my favorite holiday. I am an Army Veteran and I love to show the colors that I have fought so hard to protect.

This putter is a Scotty Cameron Newport, it’s 34”, and lady liberty herself would call it beautiful. I have included pictures from the bottom, front, back, indoors, and outdoors.  I would include more pictures with natural light, but it’s like making eye contact with medusa. The way it shines and really stands out in the sun, especially on the putting green, is almost unfair to others on the green.  People can’t read the greens because they’re too busy staring at my putter and making offers to purchase it.  From the grip to the head cover she is wrapped and protected in her patriotic red white and blue. She was a gift to me as a returning home from deployment present and she was used and neglected.  She didn’t have any confidence or self-esteem.  That all changed when she was given to me! Within weeks of owning her she went from her boring looks to a real thing of beauty.  I hope you all enjoy her looks as much as I do!    Thanks for viewing!


John Myrick


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  1. Cool patriotic putter and thanks for your service.