Joel’s Epic Byron Morgan Handmade

Do you want to see the work of a master putter maker?  How about what that maker can do by hand?  Check out this amazing Epic Day that Byron Morgan hand crafted.  Yep, hand crafted.  I know that I have said it before, but Byron is the Sorcerer of Steel; the Metal Magician.  Checking out Byron’s putters has generated more “Dude!” responses than any other manufacturer.  This one for me is no exception.  As you will see in Joel’s narrative, this putter is so sweet that it caused a lefty to buy a right-handed putter.  As it turns out, Joel is also ready to pass this beauty on to the next Putterhead.  Check the link at the end of the post to find out how to make this one yours.  Please do so quickly though, I am checking my PayPal balance as soon as I finish typing.  🙂

I really wish I had a cool write up to go with this putter, like how I called Byron and told him exactly how I wanted the neck welded, or the sight line on the top, or how I wanted Byron stamped on the back and painted white. However, I cannot do that. I can tell you I am a left-handed golfer that lucked up and found this work of art on eBay about a year ago. I had actually been building up my PayPal account to design my own custom Byron. I was originally drawn to Byron Morgan putters in 2008 as I found both Golfwrx and PutterTalk websites. Byron had just introduced the Channel Island putters and I was hooked. Since picking up the Channel Island, I have been drawn to the way you can customize your Byron. The Da Kine model for example. Not only can you get the choice of finish, milling, neck style, stamping, and paint fill, you also can have it shaped in a variety of head shapes.

When I originally filled my PayPal up, I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. In my mind it was going to be the perfect putter in every way. Then I went to eBay. As soon as I saw this handmade, I knew my putter would have to wait. To me that is the beauty of Byron Morgan putters.

First off, my putter was not going to be right handed for sure. It would not have been an Epic Day head shape with a plumbers neck. It wasn’t going to be a carbon steel head with a gleam city nickel finish. No sight line and definitely stamped with something other than just “Byron” on the back. Yet, I had to have it. That to me is what sets Byron Morgan apart. There is something in almost every Byron that draws you to it.

Where this putter may lack in “bells and whistles”, it more than makes up for it with class and character. We’ve all used the phrase, “the pictures don’t do it justice”, but this putter exemplifies that statement. You can tell the mill marks on this putter was not done with some computerized program or on some assembly line style set up. Every time I take the head cover off, I can picture Byron himself behind the grinding wheel, getting every angle and curve exactly how he wants it. For every mill mark, I can imagine the work and sweat put in on the Bridgeport.

However, I feel my time is up with this putter. The time has come to allow this beauty to be admired by another Putterhead in the Club Byron family. Thanks for looking and enjoy the pictures.


If you want to make this Byron yours, click HERE to head to Joel’s For Sale post in the PutterTalk Swap Shop.