How cool is this?

Those of you who read my reviews of the Ping Nome and the Ping Adjustable Belly Nome are familiar with my silly dream about asking Hunter Mahan to sign my Nome headcover.  I even put up Hunter’s twitter account, @HunterMahan, so The Putter Place readers could ask him about the status of the headcover.  All in fun, of course.  Never did I think anything would come from it.  Well look at what came in the mail today…

Yep, that’s Hunter’s autograph.  When I opened the package, I assumed it was just a stock headcover to replace the square ones that shipped with the first Nome runs.  When I opened the package, I only saw the bottom of the headcover.  As I pulled it out and flipped it over, I jokingly asked my son “Do you think Hunter signed it?”  When I flipped it over, I was amazed.  There was Hunter’s autograph.  My son said “I have never seen you smile that big before.”  I think that I still have that big goofy smile on my face…

So huge thanks to Hunter and to Ping for the surprise.  Drain some long ones at the PGA Championship this week Hunter!  I would love to see the solid gold version of the Nome!

  1. Love Ping and Hunter… Making dreams come true one person at a time.

  2. Wow, that is pretty cool. Keep up the good reviews!