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TP Mills Handmade


How about a nice TP Mills Handmade to kick off the weekend?  What should we look for in a Mills putter? Crosshairs?  Check. Hand pounded snow?  Check. Tons of Mills Style? Check!

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TPP REVIEW: TP Mills 1310 High Toe Fleetwood


TP Who? I was going to ask the silly question of “So who has heard of T.P. Mills?”  If you have spent any time as a lover of putters, the name Truett P. Mills was probably one of the first you came to know.  If you have […]

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Rick’s TP Mills Klassic


Here is another sweet lefty from Rick.  The Klassic is truly classic Mills.  This one is 1 of a run of 18.    

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Rick’s TP Mills Softtail


Rick has sent in some great photos of this TP Mills Softtail.  This one was made in 2007 and features a rare sapphire finish.   I love the look of Mills putters, from the old Spaldings to the modern creations of David Mills.  Cool putters.  Check back […]

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A few of Jr’s TP Mills Putters

2011-11-14 122646

Nothing like having a go-to reader for amazing looking putters.  Here are a few of Jr’s Mills putters.  Beautiful.  How about that fish scale face milling?

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T.P. Mills 1310 Tradition Prototype

1310 Tradition Back

What can you say about TP Mills?  A legendary figure in the history of putter makers.  Innovation in the putter field is what TP Mills and later David Mills are all about.  TaylorMade may be able to lay some claim to making white clubs and putters popular […]

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