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Dan’s TaylorMade TPA XX Resto


We haven’t had a good restoration job in a while.  Here is a nice on that Dan sent to LaMont for some spa treatment.   My 1980’s TaylorMade TPA XX. In the late 90’s he met with my knee on the 9th hole and was never repaired. […]

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TPP REVIEW: TaylorMade Ghost Tour Corza


In for review today we have the 2012 TaylorMade Ghost Tour Corza. Justin Rose is a Pretty Good Golfer… If you follow the PGA tour, you are likely aware that Justin Rose has been playing the Ghost Corza for the past few seasons.  Last year on tour, […]

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Chris’ TaylorMade Rossa Daytona Ghost Tour-Japanese Market


Chris, one of the golf pro’s at a local shop, passed this putter along to me to shoot some pictures of an post on the site.  Chris didn’t really know much about the putter,  He picked it up a while back from someone who said that the […]

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Blake’s Custom TaylorMade Ghost Manta


When I posted the play review of the TaylorMade Ghost Manta last week (read it HERE), Blake was one of the first people to tweet his love of the Manta.  His Manta is even cooler as it got a bit of custom love from TaylorMade.   Here […]

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TPP REVIEW: TaylorMade Ghost Manta – Standard vs. Belly!


  I think that the person who names the TaylorMade mallets must be a long relative of mine.  We are definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to the animal kingdom.  As a former multiple tarantula owner, I was very interested in the TM Spider.  Last […]

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2012 TaylorMade Putter Gallery

ghost manta putter_sole

When one thinks of TaylorMade, putters are not usually the first thing that comes to mind.  Most of us associate TaylorMade with drivers, and it is an association that they have earned through a huge play presence both on tour and with the recreational golfer.  Look at […]

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MannKrafted Monday: A TaylorMade Spider Named Eleanor


A few weeks ago we got to take a look at LaMont’s black Cameron Kombi. Today we have a sweet TaylorMade Spider refinish. If you are a fan of classic Mustangs or watch a lot of Nicolas Cage, you may have seen the movie “GONE IN 60 […]

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