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MannKrafted Monday: The Bank Bar Mini

Welcome back to MannKrafted Monday.  Today LaMont brings us the Bank Bar Mini This is a Bank Bar Mini, handmilled from my Rocky Mtn 303 Stainless Steel.  The head shape was first made for one of the top 13 year olds in the nation, who will be […]

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MannKrafted Monday: A Modified Montana

Welcome to today’s installment of MannKrafted Monday.  Here is LaMont to tell us a little more about today’s putter: This putter was based on my “Montana” design, but the customer wanted a little more width and a plumbers neck.  The standard Montana is set up for a […]

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MannKrafted Monday: The T2

Welcome to our first installment of MannKrafted Mondays.  If you have ever spent time browsing the golf forums, you are probably already aware of LaMont Mann’s skill as a putter maker and refinisher.  Here at PutterPorn, we will be showcasing one of LaMont’s beauties each Monday.  I […]

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