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MannKrafted Monday: Superstition Proto


Here is a cool little blade to start your week… This putter came from all the way back in March of 2009, in my picture files. I had just started shaping my first design, the Superstition and was trying new necks and new widths for customer’s needs. […]

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MannKrafted Monday: The “044” Serpent


Happy Monday to my faithful Putter Place readers Today LaMont brings us a new variation on his 044 head.  What do you think about that neck?  How about the face milling?  It almost looks like stingray skin to me.  I am sure that LaMont would love to […]

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MannKrafted Monday: The OOOPPPS Rocky Mountain


  LaMont has given us a bit of a mystery with today’s putter.  Who do you think he is referring to in the description below? This week’s putter is one that came from an oversight on my part and the making of a carbon steel putter, when […]

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MannKrafted Monday: Toda La Noche


I don’t know if I am more excited by this hand made mallet or the anticipation of what LaMont has happening in the near future.  Sounds like MannKrafted may be on the verge of the big time.  Can’t wait!  Until then, I’ll join you in enjoying today’s […]

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MannKrafted Monday: The Bridgestone BullsEye


LaMont is going old school today and keeps the bullseye theme rolling! When I started playing this crazy game, you had very few mass produced choices for putters. PING, Zebra, TP Mills Spaldings and BullsEye putters were the big offerings. I chose a BullsEye and gamed it […]

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MannKrafted Monday: The Longneck Rattler


The putter for today is one that was crafted a while ago, but spent time in the rotation for a mini tour player who is a home town, Phoenix player, Tommy Medina.   He plays the Pepsi Tour, Gateway Tour, a Nationwide when available and a good number […]

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MannKrafted Monday: SSB Masonboro Prototype


Today we have a nice piece of Tour Metal from LaMont and Sunset Beach Putters. Many of you know, but some may not, that I have been the putter crafter for SSB, from its inception. We had our heads milled, most without necks, then they were sent […]

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