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Matt’s Byron Morgan 006

Copper plate 006 (2)

This putter hits close to home as I have its long neck cousin in my personal putter arsenal.  This Byron Morgan beauty is carbon steel with a copper plated finish.  The 006 is still probably my favorite Byron head, although I have a feeling that I would […]

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Matt’s Byron Morgan Mini DH89

Copper Mini 89 (4)

Matt from Saternus Woodworking has sent in another sweet Byron.  This time a copper-plated carbon SOLID COPPER!!! Dh-89 Mini from Byron Morgan.  Matt says that this is a 1 0f 30 putter.  Anyone else game a mini?

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Matt’s Copper Byron Morgan Anniversary DH-89 with a Patrick Gibbons Grip

Copper DH89 (5)

Today I have to admit that I am super jealous of the Putter of the Day owner.  Ever since I became aware of Byron Morgan’s work, I have coveted the solid copper DH-89.  While I love most putters, I have it bad for this one.  So far […]

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Syer’s Byron 007 Twins


Here is a sweet pair of Byron Morgans that ended up across the pond in the UK.   Like all of us, I’m fascinated by putters, putting, the technique, the mental side etc. And after joining Puttertalk my fascination soon turned to lust for the hardware we […]

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Jr’s Byron Collection or Maybe just part of it… :)


Many of you already know Jr. from PutterTalk.  When I was getting this site going, he was nice enough to send in a BUNCH of different putters.  Rather than blasting you will all of that steel goodness at once, I am going to break up the photos […]

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Putter of the Day: A Filthy Byron 611


      OK in the sake of full disclosure, this putter was not sent in by a reader, it is mine.  This Filthy ASS (American Stainless Steel, of course) putter is a Byron Morgan 611 with a custom long pipe neck.  It is stainless steel and […]

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Burnt Edges Consulting Can Make you a Better Putter!


So I think that it is safe to say that we all love looking at putters.  You wouldn’t be here otherwise.  However, I bet you also like watching the ball fall into the hole after hitting that putt.  Part of the challenge of finding a putter to […]

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