Bryan’s Ping Anser Ti4 – A Little Blue Gem From Ping WRX

I have one of these sweet Pings as well.  Just a bit too light for me to keep in the bag, but I do pick it up and take it to the practice range from time to time.  Long neck with no sight line…what’s not to love! 🙂

Here we have the Ping Anser Ti4 face balanced putter Serial Number 6402 by Ping Wrx. It came with the snap on hard case Ping headcover that lets the putter stand up by itself when set on a flat surface.  The Ping Anser Ti came in 4 models Ti1, Ti2, Ti3 and Ti4. The titanium hosel comes in a different color on each model. The Ti1 has a modified Ally hosel with 2 extruded polyurethane Purfelan inserts, the Ti2 has an elongated Pal 2 hosel; with 3 extruded polyurethane Purfelan inserts, the Ti3 has a modified Anser hosel; with 3 extruded polyurethane Purfelan inserts and finally the Ti4 has a face-balance hosel; with 4 extruded polyurethane Purfelan inserts. The purpose of the inserts in the hosel is to filter the amount of vibration being transmitted to the hands. It has a Scottsdale style head shape with rounded bumpers. The putter face has a precision scored ellipse on the face that influences the sound and feel of impact with the golf ball, I would have to say the feel is different and much softer than most traditional Ping Ansers. The serial number is stamped on the heel of the face. An interesting use of space age technology and materials by Ping Wrx to create something a little different than the norm, even the cover stood out on this one, not to mention this rendition was produced over a decade ago!

– Putt on, Bryan

  • SERIAL NO: 6402
  • BUILD DATE: AUG 11, 2005
  • SEQUENCE: 18580
  • SHAFT: JP-2
  • LENGTH: 34″
  • GRIP TYPE: Golf Pride Ping Finger Lock