Bryan’s Alex Smith Wykagyl Wall Hanger

What a great piece of putter history.  Thanks Bryan for sending this beauty!


Thought I drop a wall hanger on TPP, here is a hickory stick putter that has some history behind it.

Alex Smith was one of 5 brothers who brought the game of golf from Scotland to America.  He won the US Open in 1906 and 1910. In 1906, his US Open victory came at the Onwentsia Club in Lake Forest, IL. In 1910, Smith, playing as the Club Professional from the Wykagyl Country Club, won his second US Open at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. There was a 3-way playoff in which Alex beat out his brother Macdonald for the win.

This putter is stamped Alex Smith, Wykagyl C.C. New Rochelle, N.Y. PUTTER, Warranted Hand Forged. It has a dimple face, hickory shaft and leather grip. As well as his role as Club Professional, he was also a club maker at Wykagyl.

The Alex Smith putter may not be a big-time hickory stick collectible. In any case, I discovered the putter in my grandfather’s basement so it has sentimental value and resides in a special vintage bag for display.