Bettinardi Basement Find: A Four-Pack of BBZ1’s

Todays putters come from Patrick Gibbons.  If you haven’t checked out Patrick’s leather goods, you really should.  The putter grips are amazing.  Love the ostrich…

This is exact type of Reader Submission post that I hope will become known for…

These 4 putters were prototypes made back in 1998.

There were 33 made.

They never made it to full production.

The studio has no idea how many were made in each color.

I have seen a black one and a silver one pop up on ebay. I’ve never seen

any other orange, green, or antiqued blue ones.

These four were found in a box in Bob Bettinardi’s basement.

The finishes were ahead of their time.

Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons Handmade