BestGrips Garage Sale! Pick Up Your Next Putter!

Are you looking for a new putter?  Do you need to be looking for a new putter to buy one?  🙂  BestGrips has a couple of putters to move along to new owners and who better to pick one up than a reader of The Putter Place.  Each one of the putters has a very unique grip, as one would expect from Best Grips.  If you are interested, shoot Zach an email (  Please not that the prices do not include shipping.  They ship with FedEx.  The buyer and Zach can make arrangements for the method of shipping.  Sweet putters here.  Hopefully they can find a good home.  Zach also says that “everything is negotiable” so email him your offer.

The J. Lindeberg putter has a matching denim Puttershoe® (with JL logos) that we are still waiting on (pics to come as soon as we get it).  It is 34″ and is about as rare as a putter can be.  Only 6 were and ever will be made. $1000.


The Scotty Cameron Studio Design No. 5 has a Tiffany Blue Gator grip (valued around $250).  It is 32″.  $350.


The Scotty Cameron Studio Design No. 1.5 is 34″.  $300.


The David Whitlam Prototype is 34″ and is as far as we know 1 of a kind.  $300.



The Scotty Cameron American Classic has one of our limited production Designer Leather grips.  It is 33″.  $250.