And the Winner of the Best Grips Prize for May is…

Thanks to for the number 22!

Our May 22nd post was Bryan’s Mystery Mercedes Putter.  That means that Bryan is the winner of the Putter of the Day drawing for May!  Congratulations Bryan!

Pick one of these three grips and Best Grips will send it to you ASAP.

Thanks to and to all of our daily entrants.  I am very happy to say that Best Grips will be our sponsor for the June Putter of the Day Contest!  Send in those putter photos and remember that we want to read the story behind the putter as well.

There will also be another “secret” contest for’s Twitter and Facebook followers.  Be sure you Follow and Like us.  A cool, secret prize pack could be yours 🙂


  1. Thanks to Dave, The Putter, and What a nice surprise to wake up to on a Friday morning. Thanks for bringing the enjoyment of being able to see, on a daily basis, some of the ultracool putters that some people game, have handmade or have tucked away in the closet. There are some amazing putters out there. Great blog!

    I pick the grip in the middle. It will be a treat to slip on a cool putter grip from Thanks again – Bryan