2012 TaylorMade Putter Gallery

When one thinks of TaylorMade, putters are not usually the first thing that comes to mind.  Most of us associate TaylorMade with drivers, and it is an association that they have earned through a huge play presence both on tour and with the recreational golfer.  Look at how many players at your home course are bagging a TaylorMade driver.  You will find many a R11 in those golfers’ bags as well as quite a few of the “vintage” 2007 Burners.  TaylorMade is definitely one of the kings of drivers, but what about their putters?

While the innovations in the driver are apparent, there are quite a few stand-out TaylorMade putters that have come into the marketplace in the past few years.  Think about the nice milled Kia Mia putters from a few years back.  Excellent putters that were somewhat overlooked due to similar pricing to retail Scotty Camerons.  Then along came a Spider.  This high-moi mallet caught everyone’s eye and the original model was quite the seller, as were the incarnations that followed (Spider Vicino was/is still my favorite).

Then last year things started going white at TaylorMade, and golfers were curious.  I remember seeing Justin Rose playing the Corza Ghost and I went down to the local shop to check it out.  I am one of the first people to sing the praises of the innovation that comes out of the smaller putter shops, knowing that the customization and “one-of” potential in those shops can not be equaled by the big manufacturers.  That being said, I also know that a large company such as TaylorMade can still come up with some putters that will make even the most boutique focused putter lover say “what is that?”

So enough of my ramblings here are the photos of the 2012 TaylorMade putters.  As you can see, they are sticking to the white motif, both with the Ghost Tour line and also with the new White Smoke line.  I am happy to report that we will have a Manta in for review soon, both in standard and belly configurations.  We will see if either can displace the Vicino as my favorite TM mallet.  Until then, enjoy the photos.